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However, after a request from the the archivist of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths, who looks after the historical records of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Assay Offices, the editor of the NAWCC Bulletin has allowed the article to be made publicly available and it can now be downloaded by clicking on this this link: My research has also been incorporated in the latest version of Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks, you can read about this at Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks. I will be publishing some corrections and additions to my NAWCC article that I will make available as a download here. The following sections illustrate some characteristic marks to help you identify the type of marks you might find in a watch case and then link to a page that goes into more details about those marks. Sterling silver import marks British Import Hallmarks After 1 June all gold and silver watches imported into Britain were required to be assayed and hallmarked in a British assay office. They were stamped with new hallmarks that were intended to show that the item was imported and not of British manufacture. The picture here shows a set of London import hallmarks for silver. For clarity this picture shows only the three assay office marks, the town mark, standard mark and date letter. It does not include the sponsor’s mark, but a British hallmark must have all four marks, it is not complete and legal without a sponsor’s mark. Because the date letter punches were changed when new wardens were elected each year, which took place part way through the year, hallmark date letters span two calendar years.

Silverfish Control: The Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Silverfish

Well, maybe not so lovable, but definitely incredible. Did you know Silverfish are one of the most primitive insects on earth, dating back to over million years ago? Did you know they can live up to 6 years providing the individual live a charmed life away from predators and the foot of a human? Did you know they feed on almost anything in our homes? Silverfish will feed on bookbindings, hair, clothing, carpet, glue, coffee, sugar, paper, leather, cereals and dandruff!

Silverfish were a UK-based indie rock band, formed in the late s, and first performed in Camden in The band split up in after the release of Fat Axl. Their female lead singer was Scottish-born LESLEY RANKINE.

Here’s a little of what I could scrape together. I’m sure there’s more out there that I don’t know about. The new company was born on the 3rd. Henze’s first reels in The Mod F was a ounce surf casting reel with genuine bakelite side plates. The Mod K had many of the same parts as the Mod F but with a lever type free spool and metal reinforced side plates. Two types of MOD K’s were developed – one with a star drag, and one without. Henze was issued a patent for a reel design by the U.

Patent Office in

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By Kelly Roper Small Pets Breeder Angelfish are one of the most popular aquarium fish, and they certainly add a lot of grace and beauty to a tank. However, they are not always the easiest fish to care for unless you know about them and their needs. Here are some very important facts that can help you decide if these fish are the right breed for your home aquarium.

Members of the Cichlid Family Angelfish are freshwater members of the cichlid family , and they originate from South America. This group includes other popular fish such as oscars , Jack Dempseys, parrot fish and discus.

For a number of centuries there was no nationally standardized system, each town’s guild had its own mark and dating system. A standard national system was not put into practice until and it remains largely unchanged until today.

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Silver Fish Dating Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott ended up in a bouncers headlock while he was hanging in a Fargo bar, and now police are. Taking care of silver dollar fish is actually pretty easy. Basic tropical fish flakes for food and keeping the water in tropical temps! Silverfish fight – 8 Tips. Almost every household has done this before acquaintance with silver fish.

Thousands of jewelers nationwide turn to MMA International’s Silver Stars Collection for wholesale sterling silver and fashion jewelry. Choose from more than 8, unique designs from designers and craftsmen from over 13 countries—all at unbeatable low prices every day.

However, no one alloy has emerged to replace copper as the industry standard, and alloy development is a very active area. How can you tell if your silver is Sterling? Sterling made in the USA after approximately always has a sterling mark. It can also be tested with an acid to determine its content. This should only be done by a professional. History of Sterling Silver The process of extracting and refining silver dates from the third millennium BC, and the metal was well represented in the wealth of Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt, classical Greece and ancient Rome.

As fashion changed over the decades and centuries, silver has been melted and reshaped into new forms, and in times of economic crisis, for individuals and nations, it has been converted into coin. Its reflective qualities have made it an ideal material for the display of power, wealth or reverence, in palaces, cathedrals, temples and the great houses of Asia, Europe and the Americas.

It was during the Renaissance that silver began to become important for display: At the same time, silver was the preferred material for the wealthiest aristocratic and merchant classes. The social, rather than the economic, aspects of silver were taking shape.


Written in Dutch, but straightforward enough to use without knowing the language. Just type in the maker’s initials in the first box top left and then click on the “Zoek” button bottom right. In guilds were declared abolished but remained partially active until The example mark reads, top to bottom:

A large sterling silver fish shaped spice box by William Spratling dating from the with excellent detail and in perfect condition. Length: 6 long and weighs troy .

Axelrod once recalled, began in , when Axelrod, a New Jersey-based aquarium-fish dealer and the publisher of Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine, took a steamboat up the Rio Negro, deep in the Brazilian Amazon. Fishless and out of food, he got off at a small town, where he met a German priest, who happened to be a fish hobbyist.

The curator, the story goes, excitedly called him a few days later: They were an exotic and beautiful new species. As he himself admitted early on, he had actually acquired the tetras not in the Amazon but from a dealer in Irvington, N. The dealer got them from the discus monopolist. Nonetheless, after a technical yet dramatic dispute, an international commission named the fish for Axelrod.

Barnum of pet fish. Raised in North Jersey during the Depression, Axelrod supposedly spoke five languages by age 5 and swam across Lake Ontario at He was also crazy about pet pigeons which he collected, alongside fossils and rare violins, in adulthood too. The pivot to fish came in his 20s, when he studied at New York University, served in the Army and found time to publish tropical-fish handbooks and start Tropical Fish Hobbyist.

Collecting Antique Silver

Or you found some nice vintage jewelry at a yard or garage sale or at the thrift shop. Whether you plan to keep the jewelry as a family heirloom or would like to resell it, a knowledge of vintage jewelry marks will help you to identify and date it properly. Marks commonly used in vintage silver jewelry Purity marks for older silver pieces can differ from those commonly seen today.

Various gold purity marks commonly found on vintage and antique jewelry A hallmark can also include other marks, such as: Patent numbers are especially helpful when dating older vintage jewelry, and will be covered in a separate article in this series. Hallmarks on Period Jewelry

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These studies and reports are supplied for informational purposes only, and should not be construed in any way as providing medical advice or guidance. These studies and reports are compiled here with the intent of giving the reader or researcher a general understanding of the many uses of antimicrobial silver, from a variety of viewpoints, both clinical and personal. The studies are not meant to convey efficacy of any particular colloidal silver product.

Because research into antimicrobial silver is ongoing, and because opinions and conclusions tend to vary depending upon the factors involved in different studies, these studies and reports should be considered merely as a starting point for your own research, and not be considered the final word on silver and its many antimicrobial, infection-fighting or disinfectant benefits.

Note to Publishers and Authors: If you feel any of these PDF files are on this site in violation of copyright, please inform me immediately by email, at sales TheSilverEdge. These PDF files have been garnered from a variety of internet sources where they were found posted with no restrictions. They are here under fair use, and for non-commercial informational purposes only.

The following files are PDF files. This means you need a program called Adobe Acrobat on your computer, in order to open and view them. Most computers come pre-installed with Adobe Acrobat. But yours may not. If that’s the case, you can download Adobe Acrobat at no cost from http: Readers should also take note that downloading, emailing, posting or any other re-publication of these files in other forums may constitute a violation of the author’s copyright.

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Contact Us Silverfish The inch-long silvery insect that skittles out of sight as soon as you turn on the bathroom light is the silverfish. It is one of the oldest and therefore most successful species of insect with forbearers dating back million years. Despite their distinguished antiquity, it is fine if you think that they are creepy and want them out of your home.

The dating system was discontinued in when the silversmiths developed another system. Numbers like , , or 11/12 were stamped on the silver to indicate the percentage of pure silver in .

Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Dating Antique Silver Hallmarks Antique Silver Hallmarks and how to indentify where your silver comes from. Antique silver hallmarks have been used to control the quality of goods made of silver since the 14th century and the organisation that regulates the craft, Goldsmiths Hall, gave the world the term hallmark.

Every item made of silver must be sent to an Assay Office for testing. This is to ensure it is of the required sterling silver standard and, provided it conforms to a standard, a series of symbols are stamped into each part of the item. Today and for the past few centuries, this stamp or silver hallmark has shown the place and year of manufacture of the assayed silver item, as well as the silversmith who made or sponsored the item.

The laws governing silver hallmarking are very strict and if an item does not comply with a standard the item will not be hallmarked and will probably be destroyed.

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Some two-pieced crosses reliquaries or encolpions , held within them relics of saints and martyrs Large Medieval and Byzantine Ceremonial Crosses. The item descriptions are now BELOW the photos on this page, just recently updated to match the rest of the site. Great very large bronze cross pendant. The center engraved with a central cross, the 2 suspension loops on one end intact but bent, the simple loop at the other end intact.

A certain amount of circa-dating can be guessed at from the designs themselves, which followed current trends, and their techniques. For example, Los Castillo was known for introducing the technique of “metales casados” – married metals – around

These five nations have, historically, provided a wealth of information about a piece through their series of applied punches. London assay office hallmarks on the back of a waiter, or small square salver. Marks indicate it is Britannia gauge silver made by or for Paul de Lamerie taken to or in London and dated it could have been made a year or two earlier than A stamp indicating the purity of the silver is called the assayer’s mark.

The mark for silver meeting the sterling standard of purity is the Lion Passant , but there have been other variations over the years, most notably the mark indicating Britannia purity. The Britannia standard was obligatory in Britain between and to try to help prevent British sterling silver coins from being melted to make silver plate.

It became an optional standard thereafter, and in the United Kingdom and Ireland is now denoted by the millesimal fineness hallmark ” “, with the symbol of Britannia being applied optionally. The purity mark for Irish silver is the harp crowned. The date mark is a letter indicating the exact year in which the piece was made. The typeface, whether the letter is uppercase or lowercase, and even the shape inside which the letter is stamped, must all be taken together to determine the year.

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Sardine run Forage fish often make great migrations between their spawning, feeding and nursery grounds. Schools of a particular stock usually travel in a triangle between these grounds. For example, one stock of herrings have their spawning ground in southern Norway , their feeding ground in Iceland , and their nursery ground in northern Norway. Wide triangular journeys such as these may be important because forage fish, when feeding, cannot distinguish their own offspring.

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Questions to answer in determining the value of your specific set of bagpipes. Knowing the specific make of a set of bagpipes, almost without fail, increases their value—as well as easing the whole value determination process. Sometimes the maker’s name is stamped somewhere on the drones, such as under the drone cords. A godsend for pipe identification—the maker’s name stamped right into the drones. Assuming it’s not a Third World knock-off, you’re in luck. This from a set of R.

Since chanters can come and go, a name on a chanter with the bagpipes may mean nothing. Bagpipes must be visually inspected in great detail by a knowledgeable person for a good identification. This involves either taking or shipping a set of bagpipes to an expert or many very detailed and clear photographs and measurements.

A poor man’s approach is to post photographs and measurements to a website then post links in an online bagpiping forum, such as BobDunsire. You’ll get advice, often conflicting, but on occasion, definitive. The older the pipes, the less likely that you’ll get a rock-solid answer. It should also be noted that any paperwork accompanying a set of bagpipes does not always accurately identify a maker.

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